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Monday, November 24, 2008

A Treasury Full of Fetishes

Fetishes are generally animals and occasionally supernatural spirits each of which helps the Native people. Native Americans believe that the characteristics that live in each of these beings is transferred to the stone or other representation of the being. The resulting fetish then helps the owner possess the traits of that particular fetish. The following is a list of traits demonstrated by specific animals.
  • Badger —healers, aggressiveness, perseverance
  • Bear —healer, strength, introspection
  • Beaver—promotes family unity
  • Buffalo—strength, endurance to rise above one’s weaknesses
  • Corn Maiden: Growth, fertility, prosperity
  • Coyote —ability to laugh at oneself, humor
  • Deer—abundance in the natural worldEagle —spirit, a connection to the Divine
  • Fox—camouflage, protection
  • Frog—fertility, invokes the spirits to bring rain
  • Horse—partnerships, stamina, mobility, and strength
  • Mole— protector and hunter of the lower region, the underground
  • Mountain Lion— leadership, resourcefulness
  • Owl—wise, smart, patient
  • Ram—male fertility
  • Raven—healer
  • Snake—a force in life, death and rebirth
  • Turtle—longevity, assures rainfall
  • Wolf —teacher, pathfinder on the journey of survival

The fetishes included in my treasury are for sale. For your convenience here are the links. Just click and you will be taken to the listing.

  1. Horse Fetish Earrings by Moonrose
  2. Red Jasper and Turquoise Amulet Back by Cigar Box Beads
  3. Medicine Bag by AOS Leather
  4. Leather Fetish by Vicki Diane Designs
  5. Tree Spirit Protector by Awesome Art
  6. Little Black Foot Fetish by Design Studion 54
  7. Zuni Bird Fetish by Coast Mountain Crafts
  8. Pendelton Style Amulet Bag by Deb's Visions
  9. Zuni Bear Necklace by Nevada Woods. (Please note that this item sold)
  10. Inuit Style Shaman Dancer by Arts Creations
  11. The Fetish Leather Soap was replaced by Leaping Lizards from Van Fleet Street Design. You can see the piece at
  12. Turtle Totem Bag by Arizona Visions

I enjoyed making the treasury and hope you will visit all of these artist's stores!

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Sixsisters said...

Your treasuries are always filled with beauty. Thanks.