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I swore I would never do a blog! So much for swearing. I didn't think that I would have much to say or share. I was wrong! I have been so blessed with a wonderful family, loyal friends, sharing colleagues, and the support from so many that I will never run out of topics to write about.

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So come along on my Trail of Treasures! It will be a Spirit Journey for me and I invite you to join me on the trip.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Three New Treasuries

While I was out of town at the end of last week, several of my Etsy friends were kind enough to include me in their treasuries. The first treasury includes one of my beaded bracelets. It can be seen in the center of the bottom row. Following this bracelet being in the treasury, I had an e-mail from a customer who wanted this bracelet done in a shorter length and in purples. I am presently making it for her. Chris is from Michigan and is a skilled glass artist. Her work is wonderful. She works in both large and small sized pieces. She works in fused glass and does terrific dichroic pieces. You must visit her store to see her wonderful pendants and art glass objects. Go to

Pam included my "Native American Bumps in the Road" bracelet in her treasury. It is in the center of the second row. Subsequently, I received a request to trade this bracelet for an item of equal value from a fellow beadweaver Etsy friend. I will be deciding which of her works I want in exchange in the next few days. Pam operates her Etsy store under the name of Bagsandmorebypam. She is from Bloomington, Indiana. As one might assume, she does wonderful handmade bags and more! It is worth a trip to her store just to see her precious grandchild modeling one of Pam's crocheted hats. See her work at

My "Lady of Spain Bracelet" is included in the last photo. It can be seen in the center of the third row. This treasury was done by Althea of Talkingdog. She is a multi-talented artist from Raleigh, North Carolina. With the hot dog days of summer fast approaching, you won't want to miss her wonderful handpainted sun hats. A visit to her store at will provide you with a wonderful experience.
Mvto and Wado, Chris, Pam, and Althea for including me in your wonderful treasuries!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Three Treasuries This Week!

The first picture is from a Treasury prepared by Nonnie. She prepared this lovely floral tribute and included my Morning Glory Earrings. They are the first item in the third row. Nonnie is a fellow Bbest team member. She is a stained glass artist from Danville, PA. Her wonderful work includes both large and small pieces of stained glass art. I am sure I have mentioned her business card holders in other blogs. Her lamps are breathtakingly beautiful. You will want to check her work at:
The center picture is a Treasury of favorite things by Noah's Ark Collection. She was nice enough to include my Falling Rain Hair Barrette in her recent treasury. It is the center item in the second row. She lives in sunny California. Her store is full of all things animal...sterling silver charms, hand carved, jewelry. Her charms are very unique...not to be found in other locations. The variety is great and if you make jewelry and love animals, you will want to check out her items. You can do this at:
My Native American Picasso Necklace was featured in this Etsy Treasury. It is the center item on the bottom row. This treasury was prepared by my Bbest Boomer friend, Zuda Gay. Zuda is a wonderful polymer clay artist from Illinois. She does pendants, button, jewelry, ACEO's and many other spectacular items. I especially love her polymer floral pendants! You must visit her store at You will be happy that you did.
Mvto and Wa-do to Noahs Ark, Nonnie, and Zuda Gay for including me in your beautiful Treasuries!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birch Bark Cut Out Pins by Lois Beardslee, Ojibwe Artist and Author

In March, I had the distinct honor of being invited to display my work at a theatrical performance of "Sacred Sites" at the Rose Theater in Omaha, Nebraska. During this three day performance, I was introduced to Lois Beardslee who contributed to the writing of the play. Lois had a display of her birch bark work that included cut outs, bitings, and paintings. Her books were on display as were her quill work, sweet grass baskets and the most wonderful smelling sweet grass hat she had woven.
Not only is she a wonderful talent, she is a remarkable woman. Lois lives on her family farm in Maple City, MI part of the year and in her remote family camps in northern Ontarior the rest of the year. She is a graduate of the University of New Mexico and has authored several books including Lies to Live By, Warrior Women, Rachel's Children, and Not Far Away.
Between performances, I purchased the birch bark pins that are shown here. I fully intended to purchase a "biting" at the close of the show. However, I got very busy in my display area, and Lois was gone before I got the job done. I am sure that Lois would have a story to tell about putting things off! I should not have waited when I knew full well that I wanted one. Lois is one of the few, if not the only, person left who does birch bark "bitings", an old Ojibwe art form.
I still intend to have one to add to my trail of treasures.
The pictures are the pins I purchased and one of Lois collecting her bark in the woods of Canada. Back of Pin, Gigohn (Fish), Gigonh (Fish), Mknaak (Turtle), Myiingunh (Wolf), Shigaak (Skunk), Waaboos (Rabbit)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two More Treasuries!

I am so excited to be featured in two more treasuries by two of my Etsy friends. Let me introduce you to them:

Pearl is the songster in our forum group. I think she knows the lyrics to millions of songs. So it is no wonder that she belted out this Old Time Rock and Roll Treasury! I appreciate her letting my Kokopelli earrings sit in with his flute! Pearl is in Denver, Colorado. She does wonderful stone work, raku, and porcelain. If you are in need of new mug, bowl, pot, etc. don't purchase until you visit her wonderful store. You can find her work here:

The second treasury was done by Nonnie. She included my Stomp Dance bracelet in her treasury. Nonnie is primarily a stained glass artists; however, she paints, makes jewelry and many wonderful things. You will just have to visit her store to see the beauty and talent. I especially like her stained glass business card holders and her wonderul lamps. Nonnie is from Danville, PA and you can visit her store, Nonnie's Treasures at:

Mvto and Wa-do to Pearl and Nonnie for including me!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Two New Treasuries

This morning I woke up to discover than two of my Etsy friends had developed Treasuries and been so kind as to include my work in their collections. Jill of Jills Treasure Chest featured one of my bracelets (First item in the second row of the second picture). Jill is from Mississippi and does wonderful ceramic work. You can view her work at:

The other Etsy friend is Pam of Bags And More By Pam. Pam featured one of my barrettes (first item in the top row of the top picture). If you are in need of a unique and colorful bag, her store is the place to go. You can view her work here:
Mvto and Wa-do, Jill and Pam for including me in your beautiful treasuries!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Edna Perkins Project.......Act 3

On Thursday evening I wrapped all of the handbeaded jewelry that the Omaha Beady Bunch created for our Annual Edna Perkins project. These were all assembled into a large straw basket. We sell wooden rose buds for a project called, "Rose Buds for Rose Bud". A portion of the proceeds from this endeavor are donated to the Rose Bud Sioux Indian Reservation to Preserve and Perpetuate Native American Arts and Crafts. I added a bouquet of the roses to the basket to be distributed to the women at the shelter in addition to the jewelry packets.
The basket and its contents were delivered to Catholic Charities on Friday afternoon. They were, of course, delighted and expressed their appreciation for our remembering the women in the shelter on Mother's Day. I felt very good on the drive home to have been a part of making this wonderful event successful for another year.

If you want to see what is in all of those little presents, scroll down to the Edna Perkins Project in the archives of this blog. Click on the title. It will take you to the original post about this project and you can see all of the wonderful work! Once again, thank you Edna and the Beady Bunch Members who participated.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Works of Donel Keeler, Dakota Artist and Friend

Today I am posting two pieces that I have added to my Native American art collection. These were done by Donel Keller. I first met Donel and his wife at a Buffalo Dinner in Lincoln, NE. We both arrived early to set up our booth. So we had a little time to get acquainted before the event began.

I purchased the Native Wedding print that evening and purchased the Buffalo Run at the Creighton Pow Wow in April.

I love his use of color! If you pay close attention to the Buffalo Run, you will see that it was done in the Indian way. Use whatever you have on hand. This painting is done on numbered ledger paper! Don't forget to notice the red tailed hawk in the upper corner. Also notice that he signed the print just for me. See the lower right.

Donel's wife, Wanda, is also a new found Pow Wow friend! She used to bead and teach beading in Omaha but no longer does either. Donel's picture can be found in my Creighton Pow Wow blog.

Donel has won many awards for his art and I am pleased to have these two pieces and plan for more in the future!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Trail of Treasures: The Edna Perkins Project

Trail of Treasures: The Edna Perkins Project

New Listing on Etsy

This beautiful barrette is called Rain Clouds. The base represents the clouds and the fringe represents rain. It is available for further viewing and purchase at

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Morning Gloria Necklace

I just finished putting together an order for a high school classmate who lives in Oklahoma! I hope she will enjoy it. I had e-mailed her that I had been featured in a friend's blog and sent her the site. She e-mailed that she wanted this necklace and three other items as well. I will get them mailed out to her this week.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mvto and Wa-do 2

I was lucky enough to get another Treasury this week. I called it Mvto and Wa-do 2. This treasury includes work by some of my Etsy friends who have featured me in their treasuries and/or have supported me in other ways on Etsy.