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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Enjoy Freedom? Thank A Veteran

Left To Right:  Joni Stinson, Howard Miscee (wearing his roach*), Patrick Stinson

As America pays tribute to its Armed Services men and women, past and present, what better way to celebrate a part of the 2010 Memorial Day week-end than to attend an Omaha Warrior Society Pow Wow. Earlier in the week, we had received a phone call from our friend, Howard Miscee, Omaha, to let us know about the Warrior Society Pow Wow in Carter Lake, Iowa.

Howard is a Veteran, an Omaha Ceremonial Dancer and a member of the Omaha Warrior Society. Historically, no man was eligible to the Warrior Society who had not won, through the ceremonies of the Tent of War, the right to proclaim his warlike deeds. Modern day Warrior Society members are Veterans.

For the event yesterday, our friend, Howard, had been asked by the Warrior Society to be the Head Dancer. This is a high honor and we wanted to be be present to see Howard dance and receive gifts from his fellow warriors.

Native Americans of all tribes have valiantly performed in the military services of our country throughout history. Patrick and I were pleased to have the opportunity to share this day with a few of them and give our thanks for their personal sacrifice and valor in serving us. As we always say, “If you enjoy your freedom, thank a Veteran.

*A roach is a crest of stiff porcupine guard hairs with a deer-hair center that male dancers wear on their heads.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Which Is Your Favorite Walosi (Frog in Cherokee)?

Welcome to our Cherokee Spring Frog Dance!

This is your opportunity to view the frogs made by various artists from the Etsy Native American Forum Thread Walks In The Wind.

Kicking Bear, a Cherokee elder, is our wise man and mentor. We sit around our "cyber" camp fire while he amuses us with his wit and wisdom. Recently he told us of the old tradition of the Cherokee Spring Frog Dance. He then challenged us to produce a walosi piece to honor this tradition and the frog. 28 pieces were offered up for this challenge.

We invite you to view all of the wonderful walosi and select your favorite. There is voter widget at the end so that you may cast your vote. Just scroll down on the bar to find your favorite artist.

Those of us who participated had a great time and we hope you will enjoy helping us with our celebration of the Cherokee Spring Frog Dance.

                                                                            Van Fleet Street Design

           Bead Lady 61

1 Egg Man  1

1 Egg Man 2

   White Buffalo Designs

Wolf Moon Traders 1

Wolf Moon Traders 2

To Vote:  Use the "white portion" of the bar to scroll down the list of names.
Click on the "dot" to the left of the name.
Click on "Vote"
To see the Results, Click on "Results"