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Friday, November 21, 2008

Good Things Come In Three's

November 20, 2008 was a red letter day for me! I had the honor in appearing in three treasuries made by three wonderful Etsy sellers. The Blinded By The Bright treasury above was curated by Midnight Coiler. Lynn was kind enough to include my Native American Panoply Necklace (middle of last row) in her treasury. Midnight Coiler is Lynn Hoyt from North Carolina. Lynn’s specialties are carving gourds by hand and coiled and twined basketry. Each piece is one of a kind, and the ancient techniques employed in gathering, preparation and creation are labor and skill intensive. Lynn grows her own gourds and creates her own rustic stoneware embellishments. You can see Lynn’s wonderful work for yourself at:

The second treasury, above, was curated by Althea P aka Janine Maves.
from Raleigh. She was kind enough to feature my Purple Power bracelet (second row, last item)in her Peel Me A Grape treasury. Janine is a member of Silk Painters International, Surface Design Association, WWAO (Worldwide Women Artists Online), and Wake Visual Arts Association. She belongs to many teams and organizations including BBEST, Freethinkers, Gallery United, Trunkt, and Interior Design Street Teams. Janine has participated in many juried shows for both crafts and art for over 20 years.
She also has a second store on Etsy called Talking Dog. Please visit both of Janine’s stores.
Talking Dog :
Althea P :

The third treasury was curated by Fantasy Creations. Her treasury, Crazy Beautiful Art, features my beaded barrette (second row, first item). Fantasy Creations is in Portland, Oregon. She designs and sells sewing patterns so you can buy them and make your own stuffed animals. Her listings are for sewing patterns, patterns with eyes (and sometimes plastic noses), and some kits without the stuffing. She has two Etsy stores. In her Fantasy Creations 1 store she sells handcrafted items from detailed bead embroidered pieces to handmade cards and little amulet bags. Please check out both of her stores.
Fantasy Creations:
Fantasy Creations 1:
Mvto and Wa-do (Thank you in Creek and Cherokee) my friends for the honor of being in each of your treasuries. Good things do come in three's and you are three of the best!


Lynn Hoyt said...

I love your work and your blog ! Aren't treasuries fun? Being in 3 is three times the fun. Thanks so much for including me in this wonderful write up, Joni! I've sure met some great people through Etsy, and you are one of them!
lynn (midnightcoiler)

AltheaP said...

It's always a pleasure to include your wonderful work in my treasuries, Joni!