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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Farewell To Twinkies

As you know, last fall Hostess announced that they were closing shop and Twinkies, a life time favorite of many, would be no longer. This set off a rush to the super market, drug stores, convenient food marts, discount centers and other places that sell sweet treats. The shelves were as emptied as quickly as my sons were able to consume this treat when they were four years old.

Entrepreneurial Twinkie fans, seeing this as a money making opportunity, purchased as many boxes as they could and sold them at usurious prices on E-bay during the coming days.

Warren, my husband, chanced to see one remaining box on the shelf at our usual grocery store and on a whim purchased it. Patrick, my youngest son, toyed with the idea of selling this sought after box on
E-bay…..but didn’t.

Instead, we decided to save it for a special occasion and have a proper family “Farewell Old Friend” party for the contents. We had planned to do it on Christmas but forgot to do so with all of the other holiday excitement.   We knew there was there was no rush as this treat is so well fortified with preservatives it could have a life span of thirty years or more.

We celebrated Warren’s birthday last Saturday night with a family fish fry and combined it with a farewell to this old favorite. Olivia, our youngest granddaughter, ate her’s without a moment’s hesitation.
Sydney, oldest granddaughter shared her’s with her Mother.

Mason decided to put his in a Mason jar and keep it as his “best friend”. I suggested that he and Olivia should collaborate on a story called “Mason and Me” that is written from the Twinkie’s perspective……
Time will tell if Mason’s Twinkie becomes a cherished chronicled friend, or if it will become a future after school snack.

But alas......crime never stops............One Twinkie went missing!  We had to have a family line up to determine the guilty perp.

While this case remains unsolved, there is a “person of interest” who demonstrates a high degree of possible guilt!

Our "family fish fry farewell to an old friend party" made Grandpa’s birthday celebration fun for all.

Happy Birthday Warren and Farewell Twinkie!

Foot note: Just In………. The private-equity firm that owns Pabst Blue Ribbon beer is planning to bid on the Hostess cake brands division – which includes Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, Drake’s Devil Dogs, and…Twinkies. Read more:

Maybe our next party will need to honor Pabst Blue Ribbon if they are successful in bringing back our old friend….the Twinkie!


'Heart' said...

LOL. Alas, I miss Hostess cupcakes =-( ummmm that chocolate cake and frosting , uummm ummm that cream filling.

Anne-Marie O'Rourke said...

that is so funny - the line up of suspects I mean. I've never had a Twinkie as we don't get them over here in Ireland.