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Sunday, June 12, 2011

June....The First of Many Birthdays!

June is a big month for Birthdays in our family.  It starts with my Daughter In Law's sister, Shandra on June 2.  This is followed by my Daughter In Law, Kerry's on the 10th and then mine on June 13th.  Then comes Granddaughter Sydney's on June 17 and son, Scott's on June 25.

We celebrated the first three last Friday night with a family dinner at Round The Bend Steak House.  Round The Bend Steak House is a casual steak house owned by my Daughter In Law's Aunt Vickie and Uncle Ron.  It is a fun environment and the food is terrific.  The steak and shrimp combo is a favorite with all of us! 

Owners: Vickie and Ron

Round The Bend is famous in our area for their Annual Testicle Festival.  It will be held June 17, 18, 2011.  They always have a huge crowd, live music, contests, and of course beef fries as well as other delectable menu items.  If you are in the area and looking for a unique experience....Go to the Testicle Festival.  And then you will be able to say "I had a ball at Around The Bend"!

After our dinner, there was a flurry of gift and card opening.  I received a wonderful Ulinawi (turtle in Cherokee) scupted from ironwood.  I haven't photographed it as yet.  I will save that for another blog feature at a later date.

But I do want to share the funniest card to date with you.  Here is the front:

I bet you do...................So take a look!

Yes, that is "Dog House" Warren as he is known on our Native American Forum Group.  Our Daughter In Law, Kerry, is a Senior Graphic Designer for Mutual of Omaha...and did a little graphic design on this card.  It received belly laughs from all of us...except maybe Warren....he just smiled.

The Olson's not only provided the venue for our wonderful evening, they also provided us with an array of delicious cup cakes.  There were so many and we were so stuffed after our steak and shrimp that we had to get carry out boxes, divide them, and put on hold for another day.  Thank you Vicki.

Sherry, Kerry's mother picked up the tab for evening.  Thank you shouldn't have done that, but it was appreciated.

So now we have 3 June birthdays down and 2 more to go!  June is a marathon of birthday fun for us even without half naked men and 6 pack abs!  Good food, great people and a few chuckles...what is better than that?

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