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Monday, April 4, 2011

Nuclear Power: Past, Present, Future

The headlines regarding the radiation leaks at the Japanese nuclear power plant have brought back memories as well as reminders of the tragedy that can occur if nuclear power isn’t properly controlled.

Here is the front page from the Riverhead paper on June 3, 1979.  The protest was against the Long Island, NY Shoreham nuclear power station. 

My sister, brother-in-law and neice were among the protestors and here are the photos to prove it.

Sister and Niece

Brother in Law and Niece

Niece's First Protest

If my sister were alive today, she would probably still be protesting. My brother in law and I discussed the event this morning and he agrees that he would do it again. My niece, the baby in those photographs, is a happily married lady living in Connecticut now. I have no idea what her position is on nuclear power and then her interest seeming was mainly on her bottle!

It is obvious that great care should be given to where nuclear power plants should be located. Placing them near high-density population locals is in my opinion pure stupidity. But then, where do they belong? In your back yard?


promisespromises said...

To bad the powers that be didn't listen in the 70's. I personally don't think glow in the dark green is a good color for me.
(great pics - wado for sharing the memories)

jstinson said...

Promises, love your glow in the dark green comment. I agree. But then, you would be highly visible when walking the red road!

Jan said...

Well, we might as well laugh 'eh ? Maybe "we'll" learn Someday.

forthebrand said...

I enjoyed your article. Your sister is certainly beautiful. Looks a lot like you. Your niece is precious!

Diane Murphy said...

Very interesting! I hope people don't get too lazy to stand up for our earth.
(everybeadofmyart - Etsy)