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Monday, October 25, 2010

"Pride in Our Heritage. Honor to Our Ancestors ."

November is just around the corner and will be celebrated as National Native American Heritage Month. The theme for this year's heritage month is "Pride in Our Heritage. Honor to Our Ancestors ."

With thought in mind, I decided to do this blog to honor my paternal Grandparents and share a little of their history with you.

My father’s parents were named Edward and Eula Walker. They are both listed on the Dawes Rolls as Creeks and were numbers 3407 and 3408. 

Edward Hendricks Walker was descended from the Daughter of Big Warrior and Tustinnugge Thlucco. He was born June 6, 1861 in Bearden, Indian Territory. 

He married Eula Muskogee Coody, daughter of Joseph Coody and Mary Hardege.

Eula Coody was born October 18, 1875 near Fort Gibson, Indian Territory
Eula Coody was the great, great, great, great Grand daughter of Ghi-Goo-ie. Ghi-Goo-ie was the Grandmother of John Ross, Principle Chief of the Cherokees in the late 1800’s.

                                                             Eula Muskogee Coody Walker

When I was looking for a name for my jewelry business, I decided to use Ghi-Goo-ie. In addition to being my great great great great great Grandmother, her name translates as “Sweet Heart”. I liked that. I hope that my work and my business would honor her.

While enrolled as Muscogee Creeks, both Edward Hendricks Walker and Eula Muskogee Coody Walker are included in the book, Old Cherokee Families by Emmet Starr.

Edward Hendricks Walker died March 19, 1932 in Stidham, Oklahoma.
Eula Muskogee Coody Walker died February 15, 1911

Their children included:

Mary E. Walker….born 1899, died November 15, 2002 in Portland, Oregon

Mineola Walker….born 1901, died November 13, 1992 in Orange, California

George Washington Walker…born July 31, 1901, died June 3, 1988 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Edith Walker…born December 10, 1904, died June 2, 2002 in Eufaula, Oklahoma

Emma Walker ..born March 15, 1907, died July 21, 1909 in Stidham, Oklahoma

Edward Walker…born April 30, 1909, died June 06, 1909 in Stidham, Oklahoma

John H. Walker..born February 17,1910, died May, 1970 in Tahlequah, Oklahoma   (My Father)

Eula Coody’s life must have been beyond difficult.  She was of the first generation of babies born after the Trail of Tears relocation to what was to become Oklahoma.  After marrying my Grandfather, she lived on a dusty farm (land allotted by the Federal Government) in Mc Intosh county.  She died after giving birth to seven children at age 36. Two of her children died at very young ages. My father was the last of her children. She died one year after his birth of tuberculosis.  This tread disease cost the lives of many of my ancestors.

I did not have the opportunity to know either of these Grandparents as they were gone before my birth.

However, through the aunts and uncle they gave to me, the stories recounted by them and my father, I know they were a proud and caring people.  They did the best they could with their lives and those of their children given the hand they were dealt.

I am and will always be proud of my Native Heritage.  My ancestors endured much but thrived in spite of it.  They weren't given any breaks or advantages.  They were not always well accepted in "polite" society.
But they continued to hold on to their values and their culture.  They are my heros.

I look forward to the November 2010 celebration of "Pride in Our Heritage. Honor to Our Ancestors ."

Edward H. Walker and Eula Muskogee Coody Walker, I am proud to be your Grand-daugher and I honor you! 


ViKotas said...

Thank you for sharing your personal history....and the pictures that you treasure

jstinson said...

Vikotas, thank you for reading. We are so lucky to have these pictures. So many Natives have none of their ancestors to share!

Jan said...

Joni that is wonderful. You are indeed blessed in family and know your history. Thanks for sharing .

Brenda said...

Wonderful post!
I betcha they're as proud of you as you are of them...

Lita Petrovic said...

Joni - How nice to honor your grandparents in such a way. You are wonderful!

Uwetsi Asgaya said...

Wado for sharing this Joni, I am sure you have made your ancestors very proud.

jstinson said...

Jan, Brenda, Lita, and Uwetsi...Thank you for reading the blog and for all of your kind words. Walk in Balance and Harmony.

Julie G. said...

Lovely Joni. I love reading this stuff, it's our history - all US citizens. My grandfather lived in an area of Wis. that when he was born, he was the first White child. I know they are watching you from above and are so very proud of you. And you resemble your grandma.

Renée Gandy said...

I so enjoyed reading about your ancestors..
I have one pic of my g greatgrandmother (Cherokee)..she had a very traumatic early life and was orphaned..

rctees said...

Oh Joni this is so compelling!! So wonderful that you have this information about your family heritage and so wonderful of you to share it!! I’m sure your grandparents would be just as proud of you as you are of them!!

I must research my family history. I know that I have Indian ancestors on both sides of my family, maternal and paternal. Who knows….we may be related!

Hugs my friend!

J. said...

I've been researching my family lineage, and came across this post (thanks to the mention of "Coody," my family name!) Eula's grandfather, Joseph Shorey Coody was the brother of my Great (X5) grandfather, James. Family history is such an amazing and interesting thing, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

My grandmother name was Emogene Coody and was born in Arkansas and I'm told was Cherokee Indian but I came to a dead end on finding any info on her or here family. I'd really like to find any long lost relatives out there.