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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Elizabeth Graf: An Artist's Artist!

Elizabeth Graf is an artist's artist! She is not only tremendously accomplished herself, but she is a connoisseur of the arts created by others. I met Elizabeth when she visited a thread that I started to promote National Native American Month and Native American inspired artists on Etsy.

Elizabeth is a master at creating treasuries on Etsy. She is able to take 12 pieces of art created by others and combine them in a visually appealing "gallery". There is always something special about an Elizabeth Graf created Treasury! She has been a friend to the Etsy Native American community and frequently honors them with a spot in one of her treasury galleries.

This is an example of one of Elizabeth's recent Treasuries. I was honored to be featured. Those are my earrings on the top left of the gallery. Elizabeth, Wado (thank you in Cherokee)

In her shop announcement, Elizabeth says, "From the moment I could hold a crayon I have been an artist -- and possessed a "lightbulb" inside my head that was always shining. It is a wonderful way to live Life -- being creative and always inspired. I feel very lucky."

Elizabeth attended one of the finest art schools in this country -- Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in Manhattan. Her work has been shown in Manhattan, upstate New York, on both coasts of Florida (including Miami and Miami Beach).

The berry painting above is one of my favorites from Elizabeth's store. If you want to admire this artist’s talent, please visit her store at http://www.
I know there will be a piece that speaks to you.

Elizabeth, we cherish you as an artist, a maker of wonderful treasuries, and as a friend to Etsy's Native American community. Wado again!


Kicking Bear said...

Elizabeth is truely a 'gift' to the Native American peoples.
No greater honor can we give than to call her ULV (sister)

Jan said...

Yea Elizabeth!
And Joni, your heart is so big and full of love.

Carmen said...

Ah yes, Elizabeth has been a wonderful friend! Wado! You are so talented!

Elizabeth Graf said...

Thank you SO much Joni!! I sent the link to your blog to my husband and he greatly admired what you wrote...I am very honored!

Thank you everyone for your comments...


jstinson said...

Elizabeth, you can tell by the comments that you are greatly admired, respected and loved around our "cyber-campfire"!

heronkate said...

Elizabeth's art is wonderful and her treasuries are so creative and beautifully arranged, both in themes and colors. I'm always honored to be included in one of them!

Yankeegirl said...

I too, admire Elizabeth as both an artist in her own right and as a champion of other artists. Every time I have been selected to be in one of her gorgeous Treasuries, I feel very honored.

Julie G. said...

Elizabeth sounds like a true "loving spirit", giving from her heart, creating from the heart.

Sarah said...

Thanks for introducing me to such a wonderful artist. I love her use of color! Refreshing.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Elizabeth is a wonderful artist, and such a supporter of the arts. I've been honored to get to know her via the wonderful internet. What she can do with 12 images is amazing! She's so giving of her time to help others. May that all be measured back to her 100 fold.

Elizabeth Graf said...

Thank you ALL so very much for your kind words -- I am honored to know all of YOU!


thomevans said...

When it comes to a TREASURY Elizabeth can make it happen. She has helped me a lot.