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Monday, December 7, 2009

We've Been Exposed!

Today, Vicki Diane, owner of Vicki Diane Designs on Etsy, curated this wonderful treasury that "exposed" eleven of my Bbest Team members and me. There I am, second row, first person on the left!

The Bbest Team is comprised on artists who are beyond 39 years of age (some of us are many years beyond) and own Etsy stores. We are a group of fine artists, jewelry makers, candle makers, yarn spinners, clay artists, photographers, soap makers, vintage vendors, paper artists, knitters, crocheter, seamstresses, glass artists, writers, needle felters, silk painters and about any other art or craft you can name.

Part of the charm of the Bbest Team is our variety in chosen mediums. However, we are like minded in spirt, promoting one another, sharing in milestones, chatting about life, lessons learned, and little things that bring smiles across the miles.

Vicki Diane, who lives in Spain and the UK, describes herself as one who changes her creations regularly to keep them fresh and inviting. She relates that she has bursts of colour phases .. today red , tomorrow pink or turquoise .. next week - all animal print ! Vicki says, "What the hell .. I'm a modern crazy woman - fickle, fanciful and full of fantastic new flowing ideas that overtake me !"

Curating Team Treasuries is just one example of those fantastic ideas that have overtaken her!

To see the wonderful things that she creates when she isn't promoting other Etsy artists, offering sage advice in forums, and adding fun to the Etsy community, check out her store at:

Here is an example of her work entitled Red Stiletto Baby:


Vicki Diane said...

Joni !
I really enjoyed reading this.
It is my pleasure to *EXPOSE * your lovely BBEST Team on Etsy and have enjoyed putting it all together and visiting your shops.
Your work is magnificent and it's a joy to know you.
Thank you for promoting me in this way too.
Wishing you luck in the Treasury and send hugs to Omaha ((X))
Vicki xox

and all about yourself and send love to Omaha :)

yankeegirl said...

This has been such fun!! Since I joined Etsy I've seen and heard all about being "EXPOSED" but now to be a part of it has been a hoot!!

Thanks to Vickie for putting us center stage, to Joni for blogging about it and to Nonnie for being our coordinator and team leader!!

PussDaddy said...

You are all so nice looking, although I am somewhat biased and think you are the prettiest.


jstinson said...

Yankee, it is great fun! I agree with everthing you said in your comment! Not only have we have we been "Exposed" together, we cheered those Yankees on to victory! What a year!
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

jstinson said...

Puss Dandy, thank you for your kind words though they must have been with "tongue in cheek." Your flattery was greatly appreciated, even if exaggerated! LOL

Anonymous said...

This is great! Can I join the BBEST team? I just turned 65! Leslie
For some reason I can't leave comments here, even though I can post on my own blog thosebluerememberedhills go figure!