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Friday, April 10, 2009

Treasures in Textiles and Beads

There is nothing more thrilling to a beadweaver than for someone to think you can bead their wishes!

This all started when Susan, one of my valued return customers, purchased one of these beautiful shawls for each of her two daughters-in-law. She then wished that she had coordinating earrings and necklaces for the two of them as well. Susan sent me the photo above and asked if I could do it.

Always up for a challenge, I agreed to try.
Susan wanted to be sure that the colors were just right so she insisted on purchasing the beads herself. She placed the bead order and had the beads shipped directly to me.
Trial and Error
Once I received the beads, I studied the shawl pattern and waded right in. The photo above was the first effort.

I was unhappy with the design and quickly determined that another try was needed to be satisfactory to both Susan and me. I wish things always worked out on the first pass, but such is not usually the case! "Trial and Error" are frequent companions on my Trail of Treasures!

Back To The Beading Board
With the photo at my beading station and all the beads laid out, I began my second effort. I shared it with Susan and after getting her approval, I started on the earrings and two pendants for the necklaces.

The tops of all six pieces are now completed!

The fringe has been added to all six.

Now for the necklaces. Delica beads were used in this project. For those of you who aren't familar with beads, Delicas are very small cylindrical beads as opposed to regular seed beads which are round. Simply stringing them did not provide enough substance to the design in my opinion so I did the necklaces in peyote stitch. This is more time consuming but the result was far better than just simple strings of beads.

The last step was to photograph the two pairs of earrings and two necklaces with the original inspirational piece.

Translating textile patterns into beads can be fun and challenging. I thank Susan for her confidence and trust in my ability to create these for her.

I hope I have made her wishes into a reality that pleases her.

But more importantly, I hope her Daughters-In-Law enjoy them and will be reminded how lucky they are to have a Mother-In-Law like Susan each time they wear their textile and bead ensembles!

Mvto and Wa-do (Thank you in Creek and Cherokee) Susan for choosing me to do this! I am deeply honored.


Clutch That said...

Gorgeous pieces!

jstinson said...

Clutch That...Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Susan Albertson
FIRST I want to thank Joni for blessing me and my two daughters in law with her wonderful work!!! Every time I see Jonis work, pulling it out to wear, my breath just goes away with the beauty of each piece!!! I am so very HAPPY :) she made this and other pieces for me. What a GEM!!! Thank you and many blessings Joni!!! Susan