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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Who Loves Jewelry....obviously I do and I bet you do too! This wonderful jewelry Treasury was done by Chauncey last month. My apologies for the delay in posting it to this blog. I was thrilled that Chaucey elected to include my carneliean bracelet (bottom row, middle item) in her collection.

Chauncey’s real name is Eileen and she hails from Philly. While Chauncey is a talented multi-media artist, she says that glass is her " #1 passion".

That really surprised me as I thought her #1 passion was chocolate making glass #2. We often chat in the Etsy forum and if Chauncey is in the room, chocolate will be mentioned pretty quickly! Chauncey’s glass pendants are spectacular! She does a lot of themed and personalized pendants. You may find a perfect one for yourself or a gift. Just check out Chauncey’s store at You will be pleased that you did.

This beautiful Treasury was done by Birose. I was thrilled that she included my Native American Picasso (second row, last item) necklace in her "Red and Turquoise" themed treasury. Don't you agree that these two colors have a natural affinity for one another?

Birose’s name is actually Rose. Birose comes from Big Island Rose Designs.
Rose was born in South Dakota, lived a long time in California and now resides in Hawaii…Big Island!

She creates wonderful pieces from buttons ,fabric and her trusty sewing machine. She uses Yo-yo’s and buttons in ways you can’t imagination. You will just have to see for yourself at !

This "Power of the Word" Treasury was done by Judy of JNOriginals. I am honored that she included my beaded pen, Old Glory (last item in the second row) in her tribute. Judy believes in the power of the word as is evident in her Forum postings and her blog.

If jnoriginals rings a bell, it is because I have written about her in previous blogs.
While we have yet to meet in person, Judy is almost a neighbor as she lives in Iowa! Judy does nifty needlework. She does wonderful felted wool items and a large variety of versatile needlework creations. Judy is one of those people who is a life long learner. She is always daring to try something new! Judy is a treasure trove of great ideas. You will want to see her work at

Mvto and Wa-do to Chauncey, Birose, and JNOriginals for honoring me in your wonderful Treasuries!


Chauncey said...

Joni, thank you so much for the shout out! And you are correct, chocolate trumps glass in my book.

jstinson said...

Thanks Chauncey for the confirmation. I just knew that chocolate had to be #1!